Feature Focus: Facebook Tagging Has Arrived

Feature Focus: Facebook Tagging Has Arrived

We are very happy to announce the introduction of Facebook tagging as a feature in your Compose Box. It is available to all users on all plans, all you need to do is set up a Facebook fan page on the Sendible application and off you go.

If Facebook tagging is new to you, this could be a great time to test it out! It allows you to embed an active link to other Facebook business pages when posting on your wall. It is a great way of linking to other brands and endorsing businesses you work with. It is equally good for influencers and industry experts who have a public Facebook fan page.

Trivia fact: With 1.6bn active users a month, Facebook leads the way as the world’s most popular social media network, followed by Whatsapp (1 bn) (Source: Statista – April 2016).


It’s easy to tag a Facebook page on Sendible:

  1. Open the Compose box
  2. Enter a Facebook service
  3. Type ‘@’ followed by the page name (make sure to include spaces)
  4. The tag selector will appear providing a selection of pages to choose from
  5. Click on the tag to select the page (repeat if you want to tag multiple pages)

Tagging a Facebook business page


Does tagging work on multiple social media profiles?

While you can publish the same message to multiple social profiles and publishing sites at the same time, tagging currently only works for Twitter or Facebook.

Once you have selected a tag supporting service (Facebook ORTwitter) and chosen a tag, you will only be able to select the service that supports the tag entered. Sendible automatically disables other services from the service selector, ensuring you don’t post awkward symbols to other services. Don’t worry though as deleting the tag will re-enable these services from the drop down menu.

Limitatins of Facebook tagging

Facebook tagging only works with Facebook fan pages. Other services will be disabled.

Please note that if you choose both Facebook and Twitter services and then enter a tag, a short notice will appear, advising you that the tag will default to Twitter.

Twitter default tagging

If you select publishing services before writing the tag, you will be notified that the tag will default to Twitter.

There are two ways how you can go from here

  1. Remove the Twitter service and choose to send to Facebook only
    (just remember to make a copy of message before hitting schedule or send)
  2. Send the message as it is and manually edit the tag on Facebook
    (this is quite time-consuming)

It is best practice to vary your messaging on each social media network, but it is understandable if you are short of time.

Remember you can always copy the message you are about to post on Facebook or Twitter and then paste it in a new message via the Compose Box. If you use tags, just remember to add them again manually to make sure the correct Facebook/Twitter page is selected once it is published.

Please do note that Facebook tagging works only when posting on Facebook business pages due to privacy restrictions and Facebook API.

We hope that you benefit from this new feature in Sendible and it helps you create more engagement and highlight collaborators on big projects.